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Once you’ve discovered the necklace layers that work best for you, it’s simple to keep going and experiment with new things. It is critical to show different “layers” so avoid similar-looking necklaces in order to create the layered effect. Slim chains between 2mm and 4mm will work well for slim guys, while guys on the larger side should consider 5-6+mm chains. A 2 mm necklace is roughly the width of the wire on your earphones, while a 6mm necklace is roughly the width of a pencil. The perfect length for men in the US is considered to be 22 inches. The chain can be worn inside or outside of your shirt. Never forget that you can always switch out cords and chains. Read more information about Pearls for men

Men’s cross necklaces, Saint medals, and rosaries are examples of Christian jewelry. Pendants can be worn outside of casual shirts such as T-shirts, but they are typically tucked underneath any shirt with a turn-down collar.

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The key to successfully pulling off a chain is modesty. You can make a bold statement with a wide gold chain or an understated look with a simple steel chain in medium length (20″) and slim width .

Men Necklace Length Guide: How To Measure & Choose The Right Necklace Chain Length

They look unusual underneath amen’s dress shirtany shirt with a turn-down collar. On their own above a low collar, of course, they stand out on their own, and viewers can see the whole necklace. The most classic style of chain necklace has relatively flat loops spaced close together. The chain almost looks like a solid ribbon of metal and is long enough to fall slightly below the collarbone.

If you’re already wearing a watch and a wedding band on one hand, add the touch of metal or cord to your other wrist. I wish you could just throw on a bunch of necklaces and walk out the door, but layering necklaces don’t work that way. You must experiment with various lengths, pendants, charms, double charms, metals, and other elements. While rosaries are traditionally used to count prayers, both believers and non-believers wear them as necklaces. These necklaces are typically worn beneath the shirt against the body on a chain long enough to allow the ornament to fall below the neckline. Steel ball chains are a slim, utilitarian style frequently used for long pendants.

A necklace can add sophistication, sexiness, and cool to any outfit, whether tucked beneath a shirt, unbuttoned against your chest, or worn over your shirt. If it has a V-neck, choose a necklace that matches the shape and size of the neckline. Round and rigid-shaped necklaces are therefore unsuitable; instead, opt for a soft necklace with a small pendant or charm.

They’ve had a major resurgence lately, thanks in no small part to the staggering amount of companies that are manufacturing them. Cross chains can be chunky, subtle, and everywhere in between, making them a versatile option that pairs well with both dressed-up and dressed-down looks. Figaro chains are characterized by alternating links running throughout the length of the necklace.

These pieces draw eyes precisely because they go against norms. It’s also not the case that a man’s jewelry should be the centerpiece of an outfit.

It falls at the collarbone, somewhere between the 1st or 2nd button on a button-down shirt. This is also a good length for the average v-neck shirt. It tends to be worn over the shirt, although some men like to wear pendants such as dog tags under the shirt with this length chain. Depending on your head and neck size, you may be able to wrap this and wear it as a double strand shorter necklace. Necklaces – Decorative, functional, medical, or religious.

They give you a relaxed, natural look that goes well with casual clothing and modern styles. However, they’re less ideal with collared shirts andmen’s modern business attire. Choose a standard length if the chain can’t be customized. If you cannot customize the necklace length to your neck size, simply choose the second size up from your neck size as your minimum necklace measurement. For instance, if you are a person with a neck size measuring 17 inches , your minimum standard should be 20 inches instead of 18 inches .

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